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Daniel Fast - We Made It

Today is the last day make it count!!!! Let's praise GOD like never before. Let 2020 be the year that you had an encounter with GOD. Stand in the posture of expectation to see the Lord. Daniel was given a vision and prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. What are you expecting GOD to do in your life to further His kingdom? Remember this was not just to fulfill a duty, an obligation but we are seeking GOD. If you feel like you are not getting anywhere or stagnate fast again with a greater urgency and with fervency, focus on GOD and this time do it like Daniel and stand and see the results like Daniel. Guaranteed.

Trust me turning down your plate and fasting from no meat, no wine and no pleasure food, praying three times a day and you do not see results. There is no way. Something has to change, Everything has got to change in the Presence of The Lord. When our GOD is in it things will change, you will change. We have been praying for the Presence of GOD and when He steps in the room everything has got to change.

Although the fast is coming to an end do not let your communion with GOD end. Do not let your seek plateau keep pressing and GOD will bless your socks off. This is Just the beginning of a great deliverance!!!!!

Thank You JESUS!!!

Discussion on Tuesday January 28th at 8pm EST



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