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Daniel Fast - Week 1 Reflection

The Power of GOD

Daniel experienced the demonstration of the Power of GOD. Because GOD is no respecter of persons and you are the apple of His eye He offers to you the same power. GOD said if you seek me with your whole heart you shall find ME. Search Him with your whole heart and let His power overtake you. You will then begin to see His love for you.

Because our flesh is sinful and is enmity with GOD it goes through withdrawals when we fast and pray. Therefore we glorify GOD. Fasting and Praying is very powerful and needed when you walk after the Spirit.

Point To Ponder:

In self examination what is one thing that GOD has shown you that you will continue to do after the fast?

In Fasting we must starve the things that we want to die and feed the things that we want to thrive!!!!

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