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Esther Ch. 3 & 4 - # Rule With Purpose

Chapter 3 - The Occasion

The Lord does all things well and sometimes He seeks an occasion to bring about a great deliverance for His people. He did it with Joseph, when He sent Joseph to Egypt before his brothers. Joseph endured great sorrows and experience great grace. He realized that the hand of the Lord was upon him and understood that GOD brought him to Egypt before his brothers to preserve a future generation and bring about a great deliverance.

GOD also sought an occasion against the Philistines and raised up Samson (who was an Israelite) so that he could begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. Samson went against his parents wishes and married a Philistine woman. They advised him not to marry her but to marry among his people. But what they did not know that it was a working from the Lord to seek an occasion to go against the Philistines so that GOD can deliver the Israelites and he was going to use Samson to start the deliverance.

Sometimes we do not understand what GOD is doing but we must trust Him to bring us out. And when He brings us through we can look back and see His hand all over us, all for His glory and His Purpose. Most of the time GOD is teaching us and we have to learn something in the trial and through it all we have a greater relationship with GOD; sometimes it is so that others can see GODs unfailing love and goodness; other times it is GOD letting us know to depend on Him and Him only and to know that we do not belong to ourselves but we were bought with a price.

In this Chapter GOD seeks an occasion against the Persians to bring a great deliverance for His people through Esther. King Ahasuerus promoted Haman and set him above all princes. People bowed and reverenced Haman except Mordecai. Modecai was a Jew and he let them know it. So Haman was angry that Mordecai did not bow to him. Haman did not want to just kill Mordecai but he wanted to destroy all of the Jewish people. So he plotted to kill Mordecai and the Jews legally.

Haman went to the king. He said to the king that there are certain people that are scattered abroad and dispersed among people in all the provinces of thy kingdom and their laws are diverse from all people they do not keep the laws of the king. So it is not in the king's interest to let them live. Haman said with the King's approval let it be put in writing that the Jews be destroyed and I will pay men to do the job. The king approved and sealed it with his ring.

Just because someone that is in a high position have made a decree doesn't mean anything. What does GOD say? For GOD has the final say. In Lamentations 3:37 It says what shall a man say and have it happened if the Lord GOD has not decreed it to be isn't it out of the mouth of the Most High GOD that good things and calamities come from. So if GOD has not declared it to be then it is not going to be. Take that and put that in your heart and you will be a forced to be reckoned with. Believe GOD!!!

What the devil meant for evil GOD will turn it around for your good.

Questions for Chapter 3 - The Occasion

  1. Was there ever a time where you felt you were being tested by GOD?

  2. Did it make your faith stronger?

  3. We have heard it only comes to make you stronger what does that mean anyway!!??

  4. Read Verses 8-9 does that sound familiar?

  5. What happens when the King seals something with his ring?

Chapter 4 - For Such A Time As This...

All the Jews learned of the declaration and Mordecai wept and was clothed in sackcloth and ashes. Whenever the decree came there was great mourning amongst the Jews. Esther's maids began to tell her what was going on and that Mordecai was in sackcloth and ashes at the king's gate. Esther sent clothes to Mordecai but he refused. He sent word to Esther and demanded her to go before the king and plead on behalf of the Jews.

Esther replied everyone knows that you cannot go to see the king unless he calls you. If you go before the king without approval then you shall die. When the king calls he will put out his golden scepter and bid you to come. Esther stated that she had not been called.

Esther had not been called by the king but she was called by THE KING and THE LORD of LORDS FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

Mordecai became bold with Esther and stated This is bigger than you, this is an entire nation that you have to think about. If you hold your peace then deliverance will come from another place and your household will be destroyed. He says Who knows you may have came to the kingdom for such a time as this. Mordecai was very frank with Esther.

How many know that sometimes it is the truth that hurts but it is right. Those stern talks may cut deep but when you do them it makes everything alright. Your latter will be greater.

Esther then calls for the Jewish people including herself to fast for she knew that she faced a huge decision. Whenever you are facing a major decision fast and pray and hear from the Lord.

Esther saw the big picture and had a made up mind that she was going to go to the king on the Jews behalf. She responded "If I perish, I perish." This is major!!!! She put everything on the line including her life to save the Jews.

I am reminded of our Lord Jesus Christ who layed down His life to save you and me. He endured mockings and beatings for you and me, He endured being spat upon and ridiculed for you and me. He endured the cross so that you and I will have a second chance at this thing called life. Thank You Jesus!!! The Perfect Sacrifice.

Questions for Chapter 4 - For Such A Time As This...

  1. What is sackcloth and ashes?

  2. Was it wrong to be at the king's gate clothed in sackcloth and ashes?

  3. Have you ever received bad news and had to take it upon yourself to act?

  4. Have you ever had to make a major decision? How did it work out?

  5. Being radical takes a lot of guts can you see yourself in Esther's shoes?

  6. Have you ever had to make a decision on another's behalf?

Sometimes you have to be bold and radical for the Lord. He has already given you the victory!!!

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