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Posturing To Hear from GOD

We are aligning ourselves with GOD and whatever is or was misaligned you should continue to bring into alignment. In addition to aligning ourselves let us stand in the posture of expectation to hear from GOD. Posturing in a sense of positioning ourselves with expectation, preparation and a readiness to hear from GOD.

Expectation: Mark 11:24, Jesus tells us that we should pray as if we have already received it. Go in with a surety that it is already done. Have faith in GOD. Take Him at His Word. It will not return void. When you believe the Word and that it will not return void, expectation is made easy. Do you remember asking your parents for something that you really wanted and were so anxious to hear the answer. Well that is the expectation that I am talking about. Imagine going in with that expectation, so giddy and ready to hear the voice of GOD.

GOD is always talking; we have to spend time, intimate time and listen.

Preparation: Prepare for what you are praying for. Do your homework. Is it a business, a deeper relationship with Christ, a new house, deliverance in a defeated area, etc.? Whatever it is, do your homework. Nehemiah sought his brethren and received the condition of the people. He knew what it was going to take to rebuild the wall. He did his homework, prayed and asked GOD to hear his prayer and to give him mercy in the sight of the king. GOD granted his request . (Nehemiah 1,2). Nehemiah knew what GOD had said to him, he listened and acted upon it. It is often said that majority of prayers are a one-way dialogue. We pray to GOD and we get up and go about our day. We do not stick around to hear what GOD has to say to us. In Matthew 15:10-20 Jesus grabs the attention of the people by telling them to listen. He said, "Hear and understand." What Jesus was about to say was very important and He needed them to listen. GOD is speaking. Prepare your heart to hear from Him.

Readiness: Be ready to hear from GOD. Clear your mind. Remove all distractions and allow The Lord to pour out upon you. When you are ready and your heart is open you can make your requests known unto GOD and the GOD of peace will keep your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. He will give you perfect peace. Philippians 4:6-7. Be on the ready when GOD speaks to you even if it is a tall task. GOD knows what you can handle and He will not put more on you than you can bear. Trust GOD and Let's Go!

Let's put into practice and posture ourselves to hear from GOD.

This Week's Focus: Posturing To Hear GODs Voice

Scriptures to study this week:

Mark 11:24

2Timothy 2:15

Nehemiah 1,2

1Peter 3:12

Philippians 4:6-7

Matthew 10:27

1Cor 10:13

Luke 22:46

1Peter 1:13

Matthew 8:5-13

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