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Psalms 112 - Not Hide And Seek but Seek and Fear and You Will Reap

You shall be blessed when you keep GODs commandments and fear the Lord. Respect and reverence the Lord. That is what the fear of the Lord is.

In doing so you shall be mighty on earth and the generation of the upright shall be blessed.

Because you are walking in obedience and fearing the Lord the generation will experience the fruit of your labor.

Your house will be blessed and righteousness will be forever.

The light will shine on you in the midst of darkness because of your compassion and mercy.

Use discernment

Fix your heart on the Lord and Trust In The Lord and you will not be moved. You will not be afraid of evil.

Freely scatter your gifts to the poor and continue in righteousness. And it will endure forever. GOD will take note and the wicked will see it and be grieved and get mad and melt away. Their desire/plot/scheme will perish.

In Jesus Name


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