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Psalms 54 - Trust Him

Do not Doubt GOD. Trust Him. He will do what He says He will do. I heard a testimony tonight that knocked my socks off. This lady was telling how GOD healed her. She was having a stroke and bleeding on the brain and she told her daughter to take her to church and then she would go to the ER. Her daughter wanted to take her to the ER but she wanted to go to church. She went to church and her daughter noticed that she was stumbling so after church she went to the ER. They did an MRI and X-rays saw the bleeding on the brain but could not perform the surgery at that hospital so they rushed her to Johns Hopkins. When she got there no surgery was done Jesus dried up that blood. The doctors were baffled. She is healed today!!!!

Don’t tell me what my GOD can’t do. He is a healer, a way Maker, mind regulator. A heart fixer. A debt canceller. Have faith In GOD. He will do it. He is a present help in the time of trouble.

This Psalm demonstrates the trust that David had with GOD. He knew that GOD was his help. He said, “Behold GOD is my help....Hear my prayer and listen to the words of my mouth. Surely GOD is my help and He is the One that sustains me.“ David knew that GOD would deliver him from his enemies. He trusted in the Lord.

GOD will show up on your behalf. Put all your trust in Him.

Se’lah Moment

I Will praise Your Name Lord for You are good.


You have delivered me from all my troubles, and my eyes have looked in

triumph on my foes. Psalms 54:7

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