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Psalms 56 - Mere Men

David explains that his enemies are chasing him down and in their pride they are boasting "Yeah I am going to get you". But David puts his trust in the Lord and when he is afraid he turns it over to the Lord. And then he has to reflect on that they are just mere men. What can they do to me My GOD is Sovereign, a Way Maker. Do you know who my GOD is? They put their pants on just like I do. They wake up in the morning like I wake up in the morning. So David is bringing them down to a level that they are not GOD. Sometimes when we are fearful we can put our enemies way up there because we are so scared of what we think they can do to us and we are shaken because we feel like they are a threat to us. But you have to know who your GOD is and know that you are dealing with mere men. And that they are not bigger than your GOD. So take your GOD to your problem. The next time someone is messing with you think about GOD getting up from His throne and the earth quaking and shaking because He is angry that the enemy is messing with you. Mere men they can't do anything to you. Mere Men. I put everyone in that category that steps to me that threatens and opposes me. I have GOD Almighty before me. You can't mess with me. If GOD be for you who can be against you. They will begin to conspire and twist your words but what the devil mean't for evil GOD will turn it around for your good.

David said, record my misery, list my tears on your scroll. Are they not in your record? The many nights and days that we stayed up crying to the Lord, wailing to the Lord. David is asking are they not in your record? Check back Lord. I have been dealing with this a long time. But GOD is saying be patient and let patience have her perfect work because you will come out entire, complete and wanting nothing. 'When you call upon the Lord the enemy will retreat. For this is how I know that the Lord has favor upon me because the enemy doesn't triumph over me. My trust is in the Lord.

I will praise Your Name and I will give GOD the glory. Know that your praise is your weapon and your praise shall silence the enemy. If you continue to speak the Word GOD will begin to illuminate and bring revelation and you will understand where GOD is taking you.

Se'lah Moment

Your praise is your weapon.


By this I know that Thou favors me because mine enemy doesn't triumph over me. Psalms 41:11 KJV

1 Be merciful to me, my God, for my enemies are in hot pursuit; all day long they press their attack. 2 My adversaries pursue me all day long; in their pride many are attacking me. 3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. 4 In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? 5 All day long they twist my words; all their schemes are for my ruin. 6 They conspire, they lurk, they watch my steps, hoping to take my life. 7 Because of their wickedness do not let them escape; in your anger, God, bring the nations down. 8 Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll — are they not in your record? 9 Then my enemies will turn back when I call for help. By this I will know that God is for me. 10 In God, whose word I praise, in the LORD, whose word I praise— 11 in God I trust and am not afraid. What can man do to me? 12 I am under vows to you, my God; I will present my thank offerings to you. 13 For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life. Psalms 56 NIV

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