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Renew Your Mind 2021 - Historical and Background Information

The historical events surrounding Daniel's life


Babylonian captivity first siege of Judah. Then exiling people to Judah in 586 BC by king Nebuchadnezzar.

Daniel arrived in the first siege and ended after the 3rd year of Cyrus.

Daniel's ministry began in 605 B.C.

The book was thought to be written in 165 B.C. and ended around Babylonian captivity in late 6th century B.C.

The book contains a factual recounting of events from the life of Daniel, supernatural events that took place during the intertestamental period and prophesies that are yet to be fulfilled. (NKJV Study Bible Holman, Daniel page 1410)

Daniel Fast

  • January 6th - January 26th

  • Praying 3 times a day

Fasting with a focus on GOD:

  • Will bring you closer to GOD

  • You will gain discipline

  • You will obtain self control

  • Will position you to hear from GOD

Items to Fast from:

  • No meats

  • No wine

  • No pleasure food

In addition to these things find something that you would normally do and fast from it. For example, I like watching TV. I will fast from TV.

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