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Thank YOU!!!!

This morning I begin to think of all that I have going on or all that I don't have going and I started to complain. Quickly GOD reminded me that it was not me that was doing anything but all Him!!!! He reminded me that it was Him that was providing and sustaining me. It wasn't what I know or who I know but by His grace. I began to Thank Him for His grace, His protection, His awesomeness and His Sovereignty. Although it was raining He caused the sun to shine upon me. Even before the morning He caused everything to be in its place. I could hear the birds signing, I was in my right mind to know that it was birds that were doing the singing, He provided shelter and food. So why am I complaining. I began to ask GOD for forgiveness because in my complaining I recalled to my mind that He was good. He was a waymaker and it gave me hope. I recalled that He had the last say and not man. I recalled that He gave the diagnosis and not the doctor and proclaimed that I was healed. So Lord please forgive me for my complaining. YOU are great, You do miracles so great and there is no one compared to YOU oh GOD. In The Name Jesus. Amen.

A friend sent me a post that quoted Mark 6:5, NLT

The scripture reads: "and because of their unbelief, He couldn't do any miracles among them except to place His hands on a few sick people and heal them."

I thought about that and said Wow we are living below are privileges. It isn't that GOD couldn't heal because He can do the impossible; it was because of their unbelief that hindered healing. Just think your healing could be at your fingertips but unbelief is blocking it.

LORD help my unbelief. Cause me to be sold out and take You at Your Word!!!! Your Word says that we shall not live by bread alone but every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of You, oh, GOD.

Jesus says all things comes to those that believe.


I may not see it but my GOD said it is going to happen, so I believe it.

I may not see the light at the end of the tunnel but my GOD is a light in darkness and His Word shall be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

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