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The Daniel Fast

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

So many times we hear people saying that they are on the Daniel fast. When you ask what is that, their response is "Girl, I don't know all I know is my church is doing it. For 21 days we do not eat. You starve yourself". Many churches have created their own Daniel fast or a version of it but if you really want to know the truth keep reading and visit the Daniel fast link on this website.

This blog will let you know just what the Daniel fast is all about. It is more than the now fad intermittent fasting. This blog will inform you why Daniel fasted and for how long. It will also explain that the Daniel fast has nothing to do with losing weight. This is a spiritual journey come along!!!!

Daniel Fast

January 6th - January 26th

Praying 3 times a day

Fasting with a focus on GOD:

  • Will bring you closer to GOD

  • You will gain discipline

  • You will obtain self control

  • Will position you to hear from GOD

Items to Fast from:

  • No meats

  • No wine

  • No pleasure food

In addition to these things find something that you would normally do and fast from it. For example, I like watching TV. I will fast from TV.

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